The Intruder


2011 | HD Color | Runtime: 8:24 | Click for Trailer

A young couple's relationship erupts into deadly turmoil when secrecy and paranoia intrude on their home. 



2009 | HD Color | Runtime: 6:31 | Click for Trailer

Two gentlemen make friendly conversation while driving to an unknown location but when the topic of discussion moves to the driver's recent breakup things begin to take a deadly turn.






Last Night

 2008 | 16mm B&W | Runtime: 5:46 

´╗┐John awakens on his living room floor, tired and hung over, he learns his house is trashed after a wicked party the previous night. The party was so out of control - he remembers nothing of it. John wanders his house discovering more and more about the last several hours through triggered flashbacks. In all this confusion one thing is certain...last night was ridiculous.