Play With Fire Films is a New Jersey based production company dedicated to the creation of high quality content with the utmost economic and timely efficiency. Whether a client aims to pitch a product, tell a story or spread a message it is OUR goal to make that concept a reality while implementing creativity and skill to generate ground breaking media. 

In our own projects we aspire to utilize our professional team's unique abilities to produce film and video thats stylistic, meaningful, compelling and above all else - creative. Please feel free to check out our WORK section to catch a glimpse of what we have to offer. 

Play With Fire is... 

Kevin Burns | Director

Born and raised in New Jersey, Kevin has always been fascinated with all forms of storytelling. He began writing and illustrating his own books when he was only five and pursued his interest in the arts through his high school career. Kevin was accepted into Seton Hall University where he discovered his passion for film. His senior thesis film entitled "Splash" was well received both at Seton Hall and in several festivals of the New York / New Jersey circuit. Along with his two partners Kev founded Play With Fire Films in mid-2009 and, now having background in various mediums, continues to work collaboratively with his peers to bring new concepts and visions to life through the cinema.


Paul Libassi | Director of Photography

Paul’s natural and creative take on visual storytelling began when he got his first camera at age seven. His interest in video continued through high school and in college evolved into his film career. While at Seton Hall University, Paul honed his skills as a Director of Photography, Editor and Technical Engineer. On set Paul employs various shooting techniques to achieve the director’s vision as well as ensuring all equipment is dialed in at 100%. Meanwhile off set he enjoys editing film and video and in his down time can be found fixing equipment or inventing new ways to shoot.



Samantha J. Holgate | Production Manager

Samantha has been an active member in both the professional and community theatre circuit for years. She has worked with many companies such as Playwrights Theatre of NJ, What Exit? Theatre Company, The Rainbow Experience and Stage Presence Inc.

In 2006 Sam became an active board member of Stage Pres. Inc. where she also took on the role of Production Stage Manager & Technical Director for the productions of Bare; A Pop Opera, HAIR, Godspell, Schoolhouse Rock Live and Tick...Tick... BOOM!!! Samantha is an advocate for Arts Education in NJ and is in the process of starting Arts Education classes for both children and adults with Stage Pres. Inc. Sam has an incredible passion for the Performing Arts and has recently decided to turn her attention to film. Teaming up with the creative minds of Kevin Burns and Paul Libassi, they have created Play With Fire Films, that she couldn't be more proud of.